About Us

Dark Fusion has pioneered the first major breakthrough on the Bitcoin blockchain and other UTXO chains in years.

We’ve created Simple Contract Language (SCL) — a smart contract modeling language designed for making the development of smart contracts simple and accessible.

Through the development of SCL, we are creating the first new developer-deployable token standard for Bitcoin, the first decentralized exchange running on the Bitcoin blockchain, and a proprietary wallet to transact with SCL tokens.

Meet the team

Executive Team

Greg van der Spuy
CEO | Co-Founder
Dominic Obojkovits
CTO | Co-Founder
Johan Potgieter
Carl Muller
Head of Compliance

Core Team

Paul Dando
Lead Blockchain Engineer
Riesh Bissessur
Senior Blockchain Engineer
Wade Bekker
Senior Front-end Engineer
Michael Cook
Senior Software Engineer
Wyn Davies
Senior Systems Engineer
Joshua Groombridge
Head of Product
Daniel Biggs
Head of Legal
Dylan Mackenzie
Head of IR
Craig Stack
Head of Marketing